men of all ages making tough life decisions


As a therapist, when I work with a man, no matter his age in years, I seek to know the story he has created for himself, and that he believes others have placed upon him. This model of “narrative therapy” is the underpinning of how I help men who are going through a difficult transition in life. Sometimes, the story of who a man has always wanted to be, lies in his parental role models. Other times, it’s genesis lies in one or more defining moments in a man’s life...trauma, a fall from grace, the death of a family member, not making the basketball team, or losing a friend or a partner. 


The stories that a man creates for himself are often complex and held onto tightly...sometimes life-affirming and other times, destructive. Where does your happiness lie, I query. Tell me about the fire in your heart, I ask. 




A faint flicker of light is in my chest
Where once there was a fire.
There was a time when I knew
what was right
and wrong.

When I was not ashamed
or scared to laugh
and sweat.
or cry
and move on.

A time when I strongly but gently
held a baby
or a partner
or a ball or paddle
or a document or a decision.
and I would look in the mirror and go to bed without


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